We help our clients build reliable software
using our client-centric and
delivery-driven approach
to software development.


Project requirements change.
But we're ready for it.

We maximize the quality of your involvement throughout the entire project lifecycle. Continuous communication with our clients ensures that we can frequently incorporate your feedback and immediatly respond to any changing business requirements.

The end result is that you get software as you envisioned it, faster.


We practice project transparency.

We strive to maximize our clients' visibility into the development process. We practice continuous delivery, which means that after each small iteration of the project we produce a working deliverable, even as we incrementally add features.

Because of this practice, we can offer our clients the ability to interact with product features or view working demos, and they are encouraged to offer feedback.

Our clients are our foundation.

We work with clients of all needs and sizes.
From start-ups to established industry leaders, no matter the size, every client gets our same standard of exceptional service.

We specialize in helping:

Small businesses

that need expertise on demand or need to outsource development work.

Large companies

that need assistance to bring a project to completion, or to temporarily add resources to their internal team.

We're proud to be a Cleveland-based technology company, with an international presence around the globe.

How It Started

Compellotech was founded in April of 2009. The company founders Lev Vayner and Oleg Falkov have worked in the tight-knit Cleveland IT community for the past decade. Oleg Falkov, Director of Technology, has been working with computers since the punch card era. Lev Vayner, President of Compellotech, has led the business to its current state by establishing firm relationships with customers, and providing clients with excellent consultants.

Interested in joining our team?

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