In-House Development

Compellotech manages the development process from conception to delivery. We dedicate a complete development team to your project, including resources for architecture, design, development, QA, and project management.

Save Time

Save your in-house staff time for critical tasks. Allow your team to focus on your businesses needs, and let Compellotech handle the development process.

Optimize Your Involvement

Our clients stay closely involved where their input is critical: supplying requirements, roadmap prioritization, and feature validation.

Experience Matters

Experience is critical when managing a software development project. We supply an experienced team of professionals with a proven record of success.

Dev Team on Demand

Assembling an effective software development team is a difficult undertaking. We've already assembled your next development team, complete with the chemistry and momentum that can only be gained through working together.

Complexity Welcome

We are no stranger to developing custom applications with unique and challenging requirements. Compellotech has a track record of delivering complex projects where others have failed.

Infrastructure Ready

We have all the infrastructure needed to hit the ground running with development. We also create and configure dedicated environments for development and QA during development of the project.

Already have a development team,
but can't keep up with your backlog?

Remove some of the pressure from your team by outsourcing specific tasks to Compellotech's in-house team.

Adding a parallel development stream can increase throughput to meet tight deadlines without distracting your team from their own tasks.

Outsourcing some tasks can be more cost-effective as a specialized third party can work more proficiently.

Staff Augmentation

We supply specialized professionals to work under the direction of the client, effectively expanding your team on demand.

Experts on Demand

Is your existing team spinning their wheels on a difficult project? Our consultants are guaranteed to add the expertise necessary to gain traction and drive the project forward.

Gain Momentum

Your team will gain valuable experience when working with us, and the momentum will carry them onward even after the assignment is complete.

Increase Productivity

Increase the bandwidth of your existing development team to meet project deadlines.

World-Class Talent

We have the highest standards and have assembled an outstanding team. We will always send you a Compellotech consultant we know and trust, not an unfamiliar sub-contractor.

Contract Flexibility

Our consultants are available for both short-term and long-term assignments, on-site or remote. Whatever your needs, we can accomodate.

A Perfect Fit

We will assist you in selecting the ideal candidates from our group of skilled professionals to fit your temporary project requirements.

We offer resources in the following areas of specialty:

Architecture & Design

Software Development

Project Management


Other Services

Compellotech can also offer a number of other consulting services. Contact us today with your specific request and we can try to accomodate it. Some of the services we have offerred include:

Architecture Review

Our experienced architects will review your system's requirements, its current design, and deployment topology. They then offer their unique insights into any potential flaws or vulnerabilities they find, and how to best address these areas.

Deployment Automation

We strongly believe in the value of having an automated continuous integration and deployment pipeline. Automated deployments are repeatable, less error-prone, and make it possible to have more frequent releases. We offer our expertise in this area to help our clients design and configure a system that works for their process.

Process Improvement Consulting

There is not a one-size-fits-all methodology for every organization, but we believe that all processes can be improved by periodically reflecting on our experiences and using this feedback to derive improvements to areas of weakness. We will work with your team to diagnose areas of improvement and help instill a culture to lead your organization down the path of self-sustained continuous improvement.


We offer on-site training on a specific technology or software system we work with, on any of our development practices, or on best practices in general. We also offer training on custom software we develop or help your team to develop.

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